Tuesday, 18 June 2013

*88 Praha prints

With the success of her last few shows of artwork AySes brought her DIGITIAL ART & PHOTOGRAPHS to a whole'nother level. NOW AVAILABLE with CUSTOM Stylizings also up for discussion;
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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Introducing Pharoah Ferral Apparel

"The idea as an artisan to take a brand like Louis Vuitton and cut them up and refurbish them into something RENEWED was a thought of depth to my process as a person in a most delightful and abstract sense."~ quote from Artisan and creator of PFA~ 

You see the story of this artisn who came from less then poverty, starving while growing up with so very little. This artisan, Mrs. AySes Dunya Portela (www.aysesdunya.blogspot.ca,) saw through alot the magazines and fashion ICONS and felt by what she saw that in order to be successful she needed to attain being an owner of such things. 
However after and while growing up and becoming a professional artisan she realised  "yes I able to purchase these things but it was not enough. For my alternative mind also wanted to recreate and alter that which others are afraid to be creative with. People look at LV and when they purchase a bag they harder live with it as much as they diligently maintain it so that it is eye candy of their accomplishments but also is still attaining its market value and is an asset to them this way. I wanted to take my childhood dreams and upgrade my process of this so i began adding and subtracting parts, i recreated what i saw and made as many adjustments as an artist that i saw fit. The irony is when i take one out i get a lot of surprised eyes, they do not believe it is an original but they do not believe its not either. They always mention that its an eye catcher and well gosh darn it that is good enough for me. This body of work is a deep profound learning curve that i am honoured to witness as i have really engaged the sense perception of all who witness this to make them think. Also to make them rethink and do a double take on what they think they see. As an artist this is we aim to create. I have now done a few things in this project, first leading up to it i fulfilled a little girl's dream of making it in this big city. secondly i conquered my fear of touching the perceived untouchable ideals while putting into each piece of apparel my own take on it, and thirdly i have efffectively made a great walking art body of work that for years from now will stand the test of time, useful walking art that holds stuff, but is disguised as a collector's item."

Her refreshing, DARING, and sweet touch to this conception is definitely a 
Hence forth we present to you:

~Pharoah Ferral Apparel~

*By ADP* 
here is the pics of our lovely LVs without the trimmings...

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